Lise Lyng Falkenberg

Here I am, 6 month old

3 years old and on vacation in small town Kerteminde

First day of school, I'm 7.

12 years old and a bit of a hippie

My close family: sister Ilse, grandfather Svend, mother Aase, father Vagn, aunt Doris and grandmother Tomi. All dead now except for my sister.

Storytelling in puclic

Behind the camera, shooting a documentary

With my daugther Tea, 15 months old

In front of the camera, shooting a documentary

My beloved violin

This pic made it to the front page of Danish movie magazine, June 2011 issue

Ready to go to the inaugural Harry Moseley Ball in Birmingham, October 2012

Me, my daughter Tea and her dad Kenneth at Tea's nonfirmation (civil confirmation), Odense Town Hall, April 6th, 2013

My official 2013 portrait shot by my daughter Tea

In October 2013 my Don Powell biography "Look Wot I Dun" was published on Omnibus Press. Don and I went on a small book signing tour of England and Denmark and on October 22, we had reached my hometown Odense, where we signed books in my favourite record shop "Moby Disc".

On the 22nd of October, 2013, Don Powell and I also did a talk/meet & greet in the Music Library of my hometown Odense, Denmark. It was a lot of fun!